Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Dildo Dilemma

It has come to our attention that while the standard dildo is quite functional in stimulating the female vagina to high levels of arousal and often leading to orgasms given the correct conditions, the double dildo is frequently misunderstood and misused. Of course the standard dildo is very simple to operate. Lube is applied and then the device is rubbed over the clitoral area and stroked into the vagina to maximize the woman's pleasure.

There are many more variables involved with the double dildo making it exceptionally tricky to operate expertly. With multiple vaginas there will be variances in lubrication, vagina size, strength of contractions, depth of canal, angle of entry, etc. These differences will all affect the performance of the double dildo. Unfortunately, if these issues are not addressed properly, we may end up with the unacceptable result of the dildo being essentially locked in one woman's vagina while sliding freely in and out of her partner.

The core of the problem comes down to the difference between static and sliding friction. The "stuck" end of the dildo must overcome the higher static friction while the moving end easily glides given its lower sliding friction. And that's all there is to it, it is the simple laws of physics!

One may rectify the issue by having one partner firmly hold the dildo with their hand. Another option is to choose a rigid dildo as opposed to the flexible variety. According to a double blind study 99.98 percent of women preferred the rigid dildo over the flexible dong. Go figure.

This article is sponsored by the US Department of Physics and Oversight for the Lubrication of Thrusting Objects (USDPOLTO).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beutiful Girl

Could you look any sexier girl? Wearing that hot outfit that reveals your delicious body so smartly. Your hair styled to die for and your bright, sparkling eyes gaze into my heart melting my soul. Your heavenly face made up just right steals my breath. Your graceful movements as you pose for me revealing tender curves flashing through dangling fabrics. Your round breasts and perky nipples play against the forgiving, sheer blouse. Those long slender legs dancing out from beneath your skirt. You lie back and a little bit of heaven is exposed for my hungry eyes to devour.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Only Successful Pick-up Line

Traditionally, when you wanted to meet someone new for sex or maybe even just a little platonic friendship, you would head out to a bar, night club, disco, or such. You sit down and suck on some yummy alcoholic beverages to lubricate your courage as you scour the scene for attractive game. You spot someone and now comes the difficult if not impossible challenge of introducing yourself to them. What's your best pick-up line? "What's your sign?" "Don't I know you from somewhere?" "Do you come here often?" If you manage to actually produce any coherent communication without scaring off your potential companion, you just might get lucky enough to chat for a while or even share a dance. The chances you'll be doing the horizontal mambo-- virtually nil.

Fast forward to modern-day computer-enhanced relationship-building (better known as online dating). Now you can go online and search through an infinite source of adults who are just as interested in getting together as you-- people looking for platonic friendship, sexy email/texting/sexting, phone sex, and sexual encounters. People with profiles detailing all their physical attributes along with their inner fantasies. Naked pictures that show off people's unique personalities. Meet swingers, nudists, exhibitionists, submissives, dominatrixes.. A community with forums and chat rooms to discuss everything of adult interest (sexual and not). Party boards to schedule get-togethers. Daily sex cam shows for all to enjoy. Porn videos and picture galleries to be viewed any time. Porn star interviews for your perusal.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

I Have a Dream

I have a dream of a place where there are only young, beautiful, sexy women. There are no men at all, just females exposing their lovely naked bodies. No penises, just bouncing breasts with puffy nipples everywhere.

I have a dream that all vaginas are clean shaven. Pubic hairs have been completely removed revealing clean, succulent pussies for viewing.

I have a dream of these nude vixens playing with themselves and each other sexually for all to see. Girls slipping their fingers and toys in and out of their juicy pussies until they shudder in mind blowing orgasms. Girls licking and playing with each others pink twats.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Pussy Closeup

Everybody wants to see a woman's vagina closeup, right? Right. I know I'm right. That's why porn is a multi billion dollar industry. Mankind is fascinated with the vagina. We want to see the nice juicy, fleshy, meaty, pink pussy right up close. So close that you could almost taste it or smell it. It's not enough to just see a mound of pubic hair between a woman's legs. The sophisticated pussy voyeur needs to see those nice pussy lips better known as the labia smack dab close up. But why stop there when the pussy lips can be spread wide open to show off the beautiful swollen clits. The clitoris must be the most erotic vision one could ever pursue. While those luscious labia are pulled open though, one might as well feast on all the other seldom seen vaginal pleasures. Not far below the lovely clitty we have a small, succulent opening which is the urethra or better known as the peehole. Tasty and succulent as the peehole may be, our eyes only need wander a touch further south to find the glorious vaginal opening. No, we don't stop there. Open the vagina wide with your fingers or perhaps a speculum and you'll find the lovely cervix staring right at you. The cervical opening is a tight pink hole that will mesmerize any one's infinite gaze. Oh, I'd hate to overlook the anus. Yes, the tight clenched anal opening that stares out from just below the the vagina awaits your hungry eyes to freely view in all its glory.

Did you say that's not enough?? You want to see vaginal and anal fisting, vaginal and anal enemas, peeing, squirting, pussy and anal contractions, orgasms, shaving, peeing, squirting, and more. Yes, even a whole lot more!!

Where can one follow their lustful journey in search of the perfect vagina??

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